Essay on Book Review : ' Death Row Granny '

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Velma Barfield Velma Barfield was a serial killer, best known as “Death Row Granny” who was executed at 52 after the conviction of one murder and the confession of six more. Barfield was the first women to be executed by lethal injection in the United States in 1984. Her victims: Lillian Bullard, her mother; Stuart Taylor, her once was fiancee; John Henry Lee and Dollie, two elderly people Velma was caring for; and it wasn’t confirmed, but Jennings Barfield who was Velma’s second husband, is suspected to also be murdered by Velma. The reason behind Velma’s villiness ways was simple: money. She was satisfied by money and what it brought to her, but it was never enough. Velma Barfield was born October 29, 1932 in North Carolina with a large family. Velma was the second born and the oldest girl amongst her 8 other siblings. Her parents were to be believed as not fair or caring. Reportingly, Velma’s father frequently abused her and raped her and her sisters and her mom never acted to stop it. This created a terrible hatred towards her mother. As a way to get away from the abuse and the uncaring mother, Velma at 19 years had two children, a son, Ron and a daughter, Kim, and married her first husband, Thomas Burke. They had a perfect marriage it seemed, Velma was happy with Ron, Kim, and Thomas. At the age 34, Velma’s Husband was a victim of a terrible car accident that resulted in head injuries. This kept Thomas from have a good job and lead to his ultimate drinking problem.…

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