Book Review : ' Come Walk With Me ' Essay

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"Come walk with me. Tell me about your job." He left his papers on the table and walked to the entrance with me following behind. We took a left and stepped out onto the terrace with a railed balcony surrounded by flowers that spun around it like snakes. The balcony extended far off the edge of the building with a square scape of grassy land attached to it. The patch of garden had a fish fountain spewing out water in the middle with benches and stones around it. No one was there, with a venue so huge I bet we could all be alone in different rooms with some leftover.

"What do you do as a foreman?" He stopped at the edge of the garden looking out from the rail onto the busy street. "It 's pretty boring I occasionally fix cars, but I mostly keep the stock full and supervise maintenance and repairs. It 's mostly just maintaining the shop."

"Hmm," he hummed looking off to the side of the scenery. "Well it 's kind of fun sometimes because people take their cars in for repairs on the weirdest things. Like one time a buddy of mine crashed his car into a wall." He laughed at this turning his face towards me. "Yeah it was really funny, he was okay, but the wall was wrecked. Something like that happened to me back in high school."

"What happened?"

"Oh well," making conversation great, "I was at a party, this was senior year, and me and my friends got hungry, so I asked another friend of mine, Andy, if I could use his car to get some Taco Bell. Andrew had a — I think 09 Mustang and…

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