Book Review : Brick Lane By Monica Ali Essays

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Two Loves, One Choice “No one told me there are different kinds of love. The kind that starts deep and slowly wears away; that seems you will never use it up and then one day it is finished. Then there is the kind you do not notice at first, but which adds a little bit to itself everyday like an oyster makes a pearl, grain by grain…” (Ali). In the novel, Brick Lane by Monica Ali, Nazneen is faced with two loves, and one choice. A choice of two men, her husband Chanu or her paramour, Karim. Nazneen has a difficult time making her decision and in the end she chooses neither Chanu nor Karim. Nazneen’s relationships directly affected the way she viewed the world around her and herself. These two relationships shaped Nazneen from a passive woman into a woman of independence.
Nazneen and Chanu’s arranged marriage left both of them unsatisfied with one another. These marriages are not arranged on appearances, as seen in Nazneen and Chanu’s descriptions of one another. Chanu’s description of Nazneen is, “not beautiful, but not so ugly either. The face is broad, big forehead. Eyes are a bit too close together” (Ali 11). Nazneen’s description of Chanu is, “thinking of the rolls of fat that hung low from Chanu’s stomach. It would be possible to tuck all your hundred pens and pencils under those and keep them safe and tight. You could stuff a book up there as well” (Ali 11). Women in arranged marriages exist to be servants to their husbands: “Arranged marriage wives are servants,…

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