Book Review : Blackwater By Kerstin Ekman Essay

783 Words Feb 8th, 2016 4 Pages
The last thing we all want to do when we are reading a book is flipping the pages back and forth to understand the page you we are reading. Blackwater by Kerstin Ekman, was one of the most interesting and most complicated books I have ever read. Being used to American writing style, it was pretty hard to stay on track with Black Water since it’s a Swedish novel. Being a detective is the last thing I would of have thought of myself. The readers of The Blackwater have become an unlicensed detective. This particular writing includes many mysteries that cannot be solved easily and requires lots of attention. The writing style of this book is way different than the books we are used to reading. Since it’s a Swedish novel and its not something we are used to reading, this book really did challenge its readers in many different ways. The Blackwater gave me a different experience that I have never experienced before. This particular book has put a thought into my mind thinking that all of the authors in Sweden or Scandinavia in general write their books in the same way as Kamilia Lackberg. This writing style includes many different aspects into it. It is like a medication that comes with side effects. This particular writing has many good sides/benefits to us and it also comes with complicated and frustrated sides. What makes it good for us is that it builds a better picture in our head about what is going on in the book, makes us think outside the box and we are constantly…

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