Book Review: an Inconvenient Truth Essay

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Book Review
An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It
By Al Gore
Rodale Press, 2006. 328 pp.
ISBN: 1-59486-567-1, $28.95

While the issue of climate change has been given worldwide attention since the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, it has never been profoundly realized as impending or of great concern until publication of the book An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, former vice president and former Democratic candidate for president of the United States. Beyond his prominent political identity, Al Gore is a longtime advocate of environmental protection who organized the first Congressional hearings on global warming in the late 1970s. In his first book, Earth in the Balance, he started
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His argument, based on scientific research of the last four decades, depicts the devastated ecosystem of our planet. Gore documents how species around the world are facing an extinction rate “1,000 times higher than the normal background rate.” Another case in point is that coral reefs, an important habitat for ocean species, are being besieged by warming-induced bleaching. All these effects, Gore emphasizes, are being caused by inappropriate human behaviors such as forest destruction and overuse of water. We human beings are destroying the planet we depend on for existence.
Gore then decries the public’s ignorance and indifference regarding global warming, and points out that the environmental crisis goes beyond the environmental domain to become a moral issue. He states that human beings are under the illusion that we are “so special and unique that nature isn’t connected to us.” This delusion has led to the exploitation and resulting environmental degradation we have today. He tries to make the public aware by quoting Sir Winston Churchill: “The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.” Gore calls on the public to realize that “what we do to nature we do to ourselves.”
Using a straightforward approach, Gore exposes how industrial and political allies deceive the public and conceal the

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