Book Review : ' Acceleration ' And ' By Graham Mcnamee Essay

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This book is named “Acceleration” and is written by Graham McNamee. In this book a young teen named Duncan is required to do his community hours because he was charged for stealing a toilet and instead of going to jail, his father bailed him out. During his boring adventures for the TTC lost and found, he finds a mysterious leather book that was written by an anonymous person. The lesson that Duncan learns is that he forgets his fear of saving a little girl named Maya. The ways he tries to forget about Maya is, staying away from water in order to forget the incident, protecting Kim (his ex-girlfriend,) from the people who live near where she works and finding Roach in order to protect the female targets Right after the incident with Maya, he tries to talk Kim out from taking a job. Duncan wanted Kin to not take the job because of the people Kim will be surrounding in. He also could be making it even. Making it even by saving Kim from the job and when he couldn’t save Maya. But Kim disagrees. She says, “This has to stop. You’re my boyfriend, not my bodyguard.” (55) Kim couldn’t take it anymore, Duncan behaviour had caused their relationship to end. For Duncan to forget about Maya, he stayed away from water. Wayne invites Duncan to the pool but Duncan hesitates but he agrees anyway because it was a hot day. Duncan ends up leaving because; of what happened while he was trying to retrieve the locker key that Wayne threw in. In the water he felt a physical presence near him.…

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