Book Review : A More Perfect Constitution Essay

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Sage Gurney
Book Review: A More Perfect Constitution When I first realized A More Perfect Constitution by Larry J. Sabato was about rewriting the United States Constitution, I thought it was the last book I would want to read. I am glad I was required to read this book for a class, because I learned so much more than I thought I would. A More Perfect Constitution is a very well thought out and researched book. The author, Larry J. Sabato, approaches the idea of rewriting the constitution from a very nonpartisan point of view. He does a great job of identifying common problems with our governmental system and provides sensible answers to each problem. While every answer may not be perfect, they are certainly great starting points in a much needed conversation. While I mostly agreed with Larry J. Sabato’s changes to the constitution, there were some I disagreed with. Of the ones I agree with, six of them are my favorites: (a) “A Balanced Bench,” (b) “The Regional Lottery Plan for the New Constitution,” (c) “Automatic Voter Registration,” (d) “The Six-Year Term,” (e) “The Alternative: A Presidential Confirmation Election,” and (f) “A Lengthened House Term (And Changes in the Senate Term).”

“A Balanced Bench” One of my favorite changes proposed in A More Perfect Constitution is to balance the numbers of justices in the Supreme Court. Many people would like the size of the Supreme Court to go from 9 to 12. With nine members, many of the decisions of the Supreme Court are…

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