Book Report : Silas And Me Essay

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Once upon a time, those adventures were everything to me. Ven, Silas and me. Everyone knew we were the three musketeers, the three amigos, and to some’s surprise, the two boys were content with my never-waring presence. Looking back now, I realize how lucky I was. Most older brother’s barely bothered with their younger siblings, let alone a little sister. They would occasionally spend time with them when pressured by their parents, but never out of their own choosing. Silas seemed to always want me around and I was never all that thankful for how content he was with me tagging along everywhere they went. And we went everywhere together. Our most frequented spots consisted of our lake, the beach, the boardwalk, and in the kitchen of our Aunt Holly’s bake shop, cakes + company, stealing whatever pastries we could get our hands on. The only time we were apart was when one of us was sick and I could only count on one hand the total of times any three of us were ill enough to stay inside.

I took my time walking back out to the front lawn, my cup full of coffee once again, and laid back down in the hammock Silas had constructed two summers before. He’d placed it in such a spot that your view of the lake wasn’t only perfect, but seemingly improved from any other angle you could find, sitting or standing. I looked down at my phone and placed my fingers on the keypad, taking a deep breath. The last time I’d seen Ven was the day he’d left for school last September.

Most of that…

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