Essay about Book Report On ' The Park ' By Bel Kaufman

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Sunday in the park, by Bel kaufman, begins with a family enjoying a beautiful day at the park. Larry the little boy was minding his own business playing in the sandbox hardly even realizing that there was another boy in the sandbox. He shortly starts to notice him as the boy now starts to bully him by throwing sand in his face. Larry at this point seems as if he is going to cry and looks to get his mother’s attention. His mother tells the other child that what he is doing is not okay and it needs to stop. All that does is start more conflict with the other child’s father. The bully’s father tells him to continue throwing sand. This then starts conflict between the two fathers. The bully’s father seemed as if he was a lot bigger then Morton’s size. From the story it says, “He was a big man and he seemed to be taking up the whole bench as he held the Sunday comics close to his face.” It says that, “Morton was so city-pale, cooped up all week the gray factory-like university.” It makes you think as if he is weak and he never really does much with himself. Morton’s child is the smaller boy the one who is getting picked on in the sandbox. The child doing the bullying is also bigger in a sense like his father. So as you would think Morton and his family walk away from the situation before things turn to worse. This upsets Larry’s mother very much she just feels as if something more should have taken place. This whole story has to do with behavior and the way Morton…

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