Book Report On The Book Thief Essays

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In The Book Thief, readers follow through the childhood of Liesel Meminger, a young German girl growing up in Nazi Germany during World War II, all through the interesting perspective of Death. After losing her entire family, she is adopted into a new family, and gradually adapts to a new life in the town of Molching, on a street named Himmel. She learns how to live with her two adoptive parents: a stern, “small wardrobe-sized” mother who swears “Saumensch” on a daily basis, and a father who plays the accordion, with eyes made of warm melting silver, and is fond of rolling and smoking cigarettes. She meets her first friend, Rudy, through a game of soccer on the street. She attends school, and struggles to learn how to read and write. Gradually, with the help of her father, Hans Hubermann, she is able to achieve that goal, and thus begins her love of words and books. One day, after being well accustomed to her new life, Liesel, along with the other Hitler Youth divisions, was called to march together in honor of Hitler’s birthday. Afterwards, people rushed excitedly to see the public book burning in the town square. Liesel is lost in the flood of people as she tries to find Rudy, when she suddenly hears a crackling noise. Believing that it was a fire starting, and although “something inside told her that this was a crime - after all, her three books were the most precious items she owned - she was compelled to see the thing lit. She couldn’t help it.” Death, who can’t fully…

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