Book Report On The Book Thief Essay

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There are millions of books written about the Second World War and Nazi Germany, but not one has the storyline like “The Book Thief.” Just looking at the book cover it gives you such deep meaning to what the story is gonna tell inside. The dominoes lined up on the cover of the book resemble the falling bodies of the jews during this time. The title “The Book Thief” also hase a very strong meaning throughout the book. The main character Liesel stealing behavior represent the struggles she has gone through in her life. In “The Book Thief,” identities are constantly being questioned. In this time period in Germany, your identity was crucial to you because it either saved or killed you.
Zusak 's basis for writing this book was his parents influence in Germany and Austria during World War II. The stories his mother would tell him stuck in his head and that’s where the book started. Zusak states in one of his interviews, ”I was inspired by the acts of kindness I heard about that took place during those very dark times in Europe, when people were finding beauty in the ugliest of circumstances” (MINDFOOD). This book is suitable for both teenagers and adults to read, but It is suggested for young adults. There is lots of foreshadowing, but that doesn 't ruin the book instead it leads to suspense to figure out why certain events occurred. The novel is told in the first person point of view with Death as the narrator. The narrator retells the story to the readers as he understood…

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