Book Report On The Book ' That Summer ' Essay

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The book That Summer is a story about an awkward teenage girl named Haven. This book is taking place in Lake View, Virginia. Haven is having a hard time accepting things that are now happening in her life and moving on from the past because her life is moving very quickly. Her father is getting remarried to someone who she feels is trying to take her mother’s place. Her sister is planning a wedding, and Haven feels stuck in the middle. All Haven wishes is for things to go back to how they were just a few years ago when everything was still perfect. Haven is frustrated with her sister getting married because she believes it is the wrong man for her. Just as she thought that nothing could change for the better, an old boyfriend from her sister 's past shows back up. Through him Haven can see the past for what it truly was and with that she comes to realize the potential of the future. Haven needs to let go of the past and stop yearning for “that summer” because she believes it was so perfect and would do anything to go back to it. Throughout the book she realizes she needs to live in the present, let go of the past, and make the best of it.

Quote 1

“I knew that it wouldn’t last. It was just a moment, a perfect moment, as time stood still and fleetingly everything fell back into its proper place” (Dessen 182).

Havens character trait of sadness and hopeless is revealed in this quote. Haven is dancing with a boy name Sumner which is her sister, Ashley’s, ex boyfriend. When…

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