Book Report On The Book ' Nick ' Essay

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The book is written from first person, as Nick the narrator for the book is writing the book from his perspective. The reason you know that this book is written from first perspective is because in the beginning of chapter 1 Nick introduces himself, and how he is writing this book about Gatsby, his neighbor. In addition throughout the chapters he used “I, my cousin, and etc” to refers to the characters in the book. Also when he was talking about Gatsby he tells everyone about he is “his neighbor”, although he has never met him until this point in the book. Those were some of the clues that the authors used to write in first person, from the perspective of one of the characters in the book, Nick. This book is still written by an author, as Nick is just a narrator because books like autobiographies and memoirs are written purely in first person, as the person writing is also the character narrating the book/story.
1. Describe the novel’s setting in one paragraph.
The setting of the novel has taken place in the state of New York. This book does not take place in New York, but it takes in during the 1920s is West Egg, and East Egg which are neighboring islands of the New Island. West Egg is an small island where the new money live, the people who make something out of themselves with nothing to start with, like Barack Obama. While East Egg is the island where the old money live, the people who bequeathed their wealth from their ancestors. During this period it was also the jazz…

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