Essay on Book Report On The Book ' Caught My Attention '

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The book’s title caught my attention because it clearly relates to the book and how David was being treated, like an object. The abuse he received was gruesome but it is a reality that many children face. The book succeeded in describing and giving detail in what it is like for children to be physically, emotionally, and psychologically abused.
Throughout the characters in the book, the character I disliked was David’s father. Not only was he caught being selfish, blinded, and oblivious as well. He knew what was going on in the household and he did not do anything to help David. He was under the influence of his wife, and slowly started accepting what his wife was doing to David. It was upsetting to see how the mother would punish David and the father knew that it was wrong for David to be treated that way yet he allowed it as well. For example, when the mother would not feed David, he did as he was told as well. David looked up to him as a hero, and the only thing the father did was give him false hope for trying to save him. It made me upset that he would never be home, not only did he use the excuse of leaving to work but he did it in a way that he wanted to avoid the situation going on at home. Instead of confronting his wife like the man he should have been, he walked away from his family. I perceived the father as a coward, first of all for being an alcoholic, and second for not being the leader of the household. It seemed as if the mother was the one who made the…

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