Book Report On Purchasing A Book Essay

1623 Words Nov 10th, 2016 7 Pages
When purchasing a book, a buyer drives or walks to their local bookstore, opens the shop’s door, feels a gust of wind hit their face as the air in the room becomes disturbed from the opening of the door, and searches through rows and rows for what they fancy. When looking at prospective purchases, the customer studies at the front cover, picks up the book, reads the summary, and brushes their thumb against the pages, letting them flow in a steady stream towards the opposite direction. This helps the buyer determine if he or she wants to purchase the book. After they find what they want, they walk to the register (if there’s a line, they wait), pay for their book, and they walk out the door, being hit by the outside air. Then, they travel home with the prospect of a new world or perspective to explore or knowledge to gain. When someone purchases an e-book, he or she powers up their laptop, phone, kindle, and whatnot. Then, they go to websites such as, Google Play, or Amazon. The buyer then browses the website, finds what they like, types in their credit card information to pay for the book, and downloads the book directly to their device. Buyers can also download textbooks off of iTunesU, an educational app produced by Apple. They can also download paid or free books right onto their Apple devices through iBooks (produced by Apple). Some people just go to libraries and read the books there or just read free, original works on sites like People can buy…

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