Book Report On Knights Hospitallers Essay

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Knights Hospitallers.” Lord Garrett tossed the reins over the dapple-grey mare and turned to assist his wife. “They brew some fine ale, I must say.”
“Indeed? I shall have to stop in and try some while we are in residence.” Dismounting, he held out his hands for Thunder’s reins. “My lady, may I help you up?”
He held the horse while she climbed the steps of the mounting block. Swinging her leg over the saddle, she settled onto the cushion and arranged her skirts. As her foot fumbled for the stirrup, she felt the warmth of his hand upon her ankle as he gently guided her toe onto the bar. No man had ever touched her in such an intimate way. Then heat flooded her face and she looked away, remembering her dream from the previous night.
The London streets were loud and hectic, noise bouncing off the wooden walls of the buildings. The street appeared almost a maze as the houses and businesses leaned this way or that, some set so closely together the neighbors could have shook hands through their windows. And the smell! Melissa was accustomed the foulness of their moat, but it did not compare to the stink of so many bodies, waste and rotting food in such close quarters.
The city walls were packed with visitors for the approaching coronation. Hawkers sold their wares; families bartered for better prices or a good trade. After her childhood in the country, Melissa found herself enjoying the pandemonium of the crowded streets. She breathed through her mouth, ignored the odor, and…

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