Book Report On Hunting Hunters Essay

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The Adrenaline that a hunter feels being in the top of a tree stand waiting for the perfect deer to hunt is absolutely incredible, however hunters are not always lucky enough to find their prey. My dad and I began going around the ranch a day before we went hunting, we looked around to see where the biggest deer’s were located. We tested and align the rifles, to leave everything prepared to go hunting the following day at dawn. We were very positive that we were going to be lucky enough to hunt a big trophy deer, tough the results we had were never crossed our minds.
Our hope for a good hunt was increased because we saw that many family members had already hunted deer in our ranch, we knew that there were lots of wildlife on the ranch. Deers usually come out in the morning, and in winter season, this animals usually eat acorns, grass, nuts, and twigs, but what attracts them the most is a type of corn that many people call deer corn. The day before we went hunting, my dad and I went to fill all the deer feeders we have at my ranch. Finally the long-awaited day arrived, it was a very cold morning and that increased our motivation. We went on our journey at daylight, around 6 am, my dad and I went on our quest, dreaming that we could find what we had gone out to seek, a big and beautiful deer.
We went to one of the many tree stands we have in my ranch, we were there for a couple of hours. Animals would come out, but nothing close to what we were looking for. We were very…

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