Book Report On ' Fan ' Sunny ' Essay

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Fan Fiction- Sunny
I was curled up in under the covers lost in my own thoughts. It was the first time in days I got some time to myself. It felt nice. I slowly started drifting off when I heard a loud banging on my door. Damn it. Nothing good ever lasts long does it? I pulled the covers over my head trying the block out the irritating sound as much as I could. “Open up!” I pulled myself out of bed and put my coat on before making my way to the door. “What is it now?” I asked. Maurice looked up at me with that infamous smirk of his. I swear I could just punch him everytime I see it creep up on his face.
“You better watch that tone with me. Unless of course you want last times incident to repeat?” I pull my sleeve down over my left wrist , covering the purple bruise he left only a few days ago. I quickly lowered my gaze, suddenly becoming very interested with the floor. I tend to do that a lot when I 'm nervous or uncomfortable. Maurice became aware of this and let out a quiet chuckle. God I wanna slam this door on him so bad.
“I got another one for you. He’s in room 1222. Be done by noon,” he stated and walked off. I shut the door and let out a sigh. I turned around and stepped into the bathroom, examining myself in the mirror next to the door. I’m such a mess. My face looks pale, the bags under my eyes look bigger than before, and my hair looks like a bird’s nest piled on top of my head. I made myself look somewhat alive and found my way to this guys door. I started at it…

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