Essay on Book Report On A Book Writer

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Chapter 1- Introduction

A book writer to be successful tries to limit his (based on a made-up idea) activity to the narrow edges/borders of an area or a limited circumference of his chosen place which, as a matter of fact, becomes his (based on a made-up idea) world. A novel is generally expected to be the presentation not only of men, their manners, mental activities and social matters including customs and traditions but also of the (related to where mountains, rivers, cities, etc., are located) features of the place where these people live as their lives and behavioural patterns are mostly conditioned by the physical features of the place where they live. As such often the success of a novel depends on the successful selectivity of a particular place for the (based on a made-up idea) activity. As a result the clear/separate spirit created by the place spreads (or exists) throughout the pages, describes the people that live in the place and (in the end) symbolizes the place and its people. The greatness of the novel lies in the fact that the place, limited as it is, goes beyond its limits and gets identified with the universal; in other words, the tiny world/tiny example becomes the world.
R. K. Narayan is such a book writer whose novels, though they mostly centre round a narrowly bordering/limiting place such as Malgudi, rise above the (related to a large area) framework and become novels of greater importance and wider vision. That is why, on the face of it, Narayan…

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