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Book report
The novel God Father is written by Mario Puzo. Mario Puzo is a professional writer from an Italian immigrant family. When he was young, he lived in a slum in New York with his parents, so crime may be a normal state of affairs where they lived. Yeas later when Mario became a professional writer, that part of experience gave him the inspiration about this famous novel---God Father. He also published some other books, but none of them was as popular as God Father.
This novel was mainly about an Italian immigrant family--- Corlenone Family during the 1945 to 1955 in New York, the US.
The most important role not only in the family, but also in the whole book is Vito Corlenone, known as the Godfather, the chief
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Several weeks later, a crude drug smuggler Virgil Sllolzzo visited the Don for cooperation. Having seen the hefty risk in drug smuggling, the Don refused him. Then Sollozoo ganged up with Tattaglia Family, another strong underground Italian family in New York. It was also the rival of Corlenone Family. They planned to shoot the Don down. The Don got several bullets but miraculously survived. So they planned another murder. However, the second murder was defeated by Micheal’s wisdom. With these failures, Sollozzo had to call for a peaceful negotiation. On the Corlenone’s part, everybody hated Sollozzo and all wanted to kill him immediately. But smart Sllozzo chose Michael to meet, the only one who was pure and harmless apparently. At that time, Michael had made up his mind to kill the tricky and crude man. With this chance, Michael fired Sollozzo dead. Also for this crime, Michael had to be sent to Sicily, where he hided for two years.
Back to New York, the disaster continued. Connie’s husband Carlo hated Connie’s family because they left him out of the family’s business. So one of those rival-families, mixed up with Carlo to kill Sonny. The Don had to take charge of the family again with his bad health. He extended his business on the west coast and prepared to revenge. Meanwhile, the Don arranged to get Michael back home. Over one year later, Michael came back to New York.

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