Book Report : Hannah And I Essay

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Every month since we were 8, Hannah and I would set aside one Friday or Saturday and binge watch movies.

And as we got older Hannah eased Brandon into the ritual and one day I hope to ease a guy into the ritual as well... but no luck as of yet.

"So... how was your week?" Hannah questions as I open a bag of popcorn into a big bowl as another one pops in our microwave.
"Stressful. Winter finals and then I got shit hours at the diner..." I say as she sprinkles salt over it. "How was yours?"
"It was okay. Brandon got accepted into the Firefighter 's school. He starts training on Monday!" She says and smiles.
"That 's awesome, Han." I say and smile. "You 're dating some hot firefighter. I need to find myself a man."
"Actually... I 'm engaged to a future firefighter." She says and I practically dropped the bowl.
"Shut up."
I say and look at her.
"This morning... he proposed." She says flaunting the sparkling rock on her finger.
"I 'm so happy for you, Hannah!" I set the bowl down and hug my best friend tightly. "I can 't believe you 're engaged..."
"Me either but you 'll be the maid of honor right?" She questions.
"Of course." I respond and look at the ring. "It 's beautiful. Ugh I need to find a man..."
"Don 't rush it, Kate." She says as Brandon walks in with flowers. "You could always call Ned..."
"Shut that pretty mouth of yours before I smack it. But i can 't believe it... we 're eighteen, you 're getting married and I have been single since middle school." I laugh and roll…

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