Book Report : ' 1984 ' Essay

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Celine Le
Mrs. Hamilton
British Literature 3
11 January 2016
Book Report: 1984
The title of the book is 1984 by George Orwell. It takes place in the city of London in a futuristic country now called Oceania in April 1984. The novel covers a time span of a couple months. Winston Smith is frail, intellectual, and contemplative. He is the protagonist in which he hates the government as totalitarian. He works in Records Department at Ministry of Truth. Julia is Winston’s lover. She is dark haired and works in the Fiction Department at Ministry of Truth. She is optimistic and lives for the moment. She is a member of the Anti-Sex League yet has also slept with many members of the Party. Big Brother never appears yet is everywhere, “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.” He is the apparent ruler of Oceania and also the antagonist.
Winston’s goal was to show the true corruption and evil doings of a totalitarianism government that they currently live in. Julia however is more concerned with her self-interests and pleasures and only focuses on that rather than the entire spectrum of the world. She lives for the moment not the future. Big Brother is behind the entire government although he never appears, his presence is everywhere as the ruler. As the antagonist his presence alone is an obstacle for Winston. Winston in the end has to give up his dream and learn to accept the current world that he lives in since he doesn’t not have as much power and authority to change anything, which was how…

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