Book Of Broken Hearts Analysis

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SETTING The story begins in the Duchess Custom Cycles bike store in Blackfeather, Colorado. Almost all of the events take place in this small hometown of Jude and her family. From the bike shop to her family’s barn this book shifts ever so slightly using the same people in very close surroundings. Other small stores downtown include the coffee shop Witch’s Brew and the ice cream shop. Flashbacks to South America appear frequently and the river behind the Hernandez house plays an adequate role as well.
In the beginning, Jude brings her father to the bike shop to ask about his motorcycle at home and if anyone can fix it, bring it back to life. Bear Hernandez (the dad) has the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, which he calls El Demonio but he used to be in a bike gang called The Blanco Araños. Jude thinks fixing his bike, Valentina will bring life and memories back to her papa. She has three sisters who have moved away and a mother who is working and cooking and trying to keep things in one piece. It’s summertime and Jude has just ended her last year of high school. The title of the book is named after the serious oath between the four sisters: the Vargas boys are to be stayed away from. The black
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Jude, the last owner of ‘the book of broken hearts’, is very passionate, is in love with Emilio, and goes from a follower to a strong leader. Her “heart sped up” and her “body was electrified with nervous energy” when they snuck off to the woods together and she says, “Emilio’s eyes shone like summer” at the barbecue. She’s also very observant and determined. The whole book she fought Papa being in a nursing home and noticed her sisters pre-judging Emilio. Emilio was caring and broke the Vargas stereotype. Jude’s father said, “He’s not like his brothers any more than you are like [your sisters]. He’s been through a lot.” From Emilio’s high school days, he witnessed his best friend die in a

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