Book Festival Fundraiser Essay

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Nonprofit fundraiser for book festival


May 2, 2011

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Nonprofit fundraiser for book festival

To organize a book festival many subjects must be addressed: the reason for the fundraiser, public need, monetary goal, special guests, sponsors, initial capital, permits, and volunteers. With the right tools, the fundraiser can be a huge success. Starting out with the basics and organization is crucial in the process of any fundraiser. Welcoming different ideas and recommendations of the organizers of any event are a must. The purpose for this fundraiser is to raise awareness about adult illiteracy. The book festival fundraiser will target the adults
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They also relay to children how important it is to read, and most important, to face the world as adults. The responsibility is clear for the community to come together and assist those children who find reading difficult. Book festivals also make reading fun for the whole family. Involving parents is another way of developing the skills needed and these parents could even be a part of community book festival. When children see their whole family interested in literature, they will more than likely follow their lead. Because this event involves children, more people will want to be involved and be more likely to donate. Corporations, local celebrities, bookstores, and schools can be sponsors. Not only will this fundraiser benefit children, it will also benefit those who donate; donating to a good cause, especially involving children can bring positive publicity to each of the mentioned sponsors. The fundraising and book festival itself can raise awareness. The unfortunate reality of how grave and widespread adult illiteracy has become a growing epidemic in the United States. The book festival, along with the fundraising efforts will create a movement to act on this growing problem. Organizers are a must in the implementation of any fund raising venture. Organized meetings are held to discuss the desired goals and the time allocated to reach these goals. Each member involved in the fundraising venture should have an assignment; this

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