Boo Radley Journals Essay

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Journal #1: Dear Diary, I feel so trapped in this house, I haven’t been able to leave this place for years now. I am still currently living my brother Nathan Radley and he makes me feel like this house is hell. He won’t let me out or do anything fun around the house. I feel like a prisoner inside my own house. There is no hope of excitement in this house, absolutely nothing to do at all. My neighbors down the street, these two kids named Jem and Scout think I’m some kind of dangerous killer and I have no idea where they got that information from but they do seem pretty interested in me. I don’t know exactly why there interested in me but I am going to find out why and I hope I can become friends with them soon. Im just a stranger …show more content…
But after Jem and Scout got the carving dolls and other things I put in it I found out that my brother cemented the knothole. My feelings were so hurt at that moment I felt like crying. That was my only way of connecting to the children and now that is gone too. This aside I heard Atticus would be defending a black man in court. It’s always could to see a white man defending against his own race. I think racism is a horrible thing and nobody should be treated differently just by the color of there skin or anything else. I also saw Miss Maudie’s house burnt down it was a shame to see that happen so close to Christmas and that happens to someone I feel bad for her. That same night I snuck out and through a blanket over scout because she was feeling really cold, I just hope they didn’t see me. I also need to find out why Atticus Finch is defending that black man, like what exactly happened.

Journal #6:

Dear Diary, Earlier today I also heard a gunshot and a lot of commotion outside so I looked through my window and saw this mad dog died on the ground with blood coming out of his body. Then I saw Atticus holding the gun, I’m guessing he shot at the dog. I really enjoy animals but then again it was a mad dog so it was all for the best. So I just found out that the Ewells are blaming Tom Robinson for raping her daughter Mayella Ewell. I knew Tom Robinson and I know or a fact that he would not hurt that women. Just the racism against black people is

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