Essay about Bono

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| | More commonly known for his outstanding musical talent, Bono is also a managing director and co-founder of the company Elevation Partners. The lead singer of U2, since nineteen seventy-seven, and according to the “Elevation Partners” website, “…have sold over 150 million albums worldwide and won 22 Grammy Awards” (“Elevation Partners”, 2016). Elevation Partners’ goal is to promote technology disruption by providing fresh prospects to companies that want to try innovative things. “Elevation’s mission is to help new media and technology companies capitalize on technology disruption and build large-scale, highly valuable businesses” (“Elevation Partners”, 2016). Besides his business goals and aspects, Bono is an activist in …show more content…
He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize multiple times, and in 2005 was named by Time Magazine's person of the year along with Bill and Melinda Gates” (“Elevation Partners”, 2016). Bono’s companies, campaigns, and activism make him standout in all countries. He is respected and admired for his kindness and appreciation for all mankind. His business, “Elevation Partners” is asking for individuals in the world to think differently and get rewarded for trying to new things. Bono and his partners are challenging people to think outside the box and be rewarded for your innovation like he has since forming U2. Bono has taken his rewards and showered the world with his appreciation by forming campaigns to prevent disease, further education in poverty stricken countries, and feed the starving people of the world. Respectfully, each person in this world should look upon each other with the admiration that Bono looks upon them. His business ethics provide a gateway for each person to follow and show the world that everyone means something, and every little bit helps. He lets you know that big or small everyone can help someone, and it is good to help those in need if you can. The choices he has made in business are admirable and reflect a path to personally follow with reserve. It would be a great day to help others while furthering my business or

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