Essay about Bono Politics

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‘’Democracy in literature is the reverse of all this. It wishes to know and tell the truth, confident that consolation and delight are there; it does not care to paint the marvellous and impossible for the vulgar many, or to sentimentalise and falsify the actual for the vulgar few’’
- William Dean Howells –
(Criticism and fiction 1891) Senator, Ali Modu Sheriff born in 1956 in Ngala town, L.G.A. Borno State, a son of an astute business tycoon Galadima Modu Sheriff. He is an epitome of a political gladiator whose match is still to be found in North –East Nigeria with high level profile of holding sway through the political tides of the region till now. Elected Senator for Borno central
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What is more Borno State is a melting–pot with a threshold of diverse culture which makes the political scenario a wit and wisdom game.
Ali Modu Sheriff was instrumental to the merger process of ANPP, ACN, CPC and part of APGA; his wealth of experience was deployed to give the process its due relevance in the North –East; if you recount the whole structure of the Borno political enclave ranging from Governor through House of Assembly down to Local Government Councils are all beneficiaries of Ali Modu Sheriff’s political expediency.
The purported and unfounded claims of certain elements whose positions and knowledge of politics remains shallow, that SAS is a sponsor of the Boko Haram terrorist group is a distorted political assertions aimed at assassinating the character of SAS; as you cannot correlate his effort in opening a foreign sponsored library in 2007 and sponsoring a group opposed to western education; if you juxtapose these two positions your conclusions will be in conformity with mine; it is a campaign of calumny.

A political stalwart as he is and much reflected in his political style; the entrant of SAS into PDP will be of great benefit to the party as you cannot underestimate the political values of his magnitude; indeed SAS has been a shot-caller in the political process of Borno State far before 1999 till date. In 1990 he joined the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) and later crossed from SDP to

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