Bonhoeffer Essay

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Bonhoeffer seemed to ditch Christian ethics against other ethics because he tried to undermine the Christian ethical reflections when he stated that Christians were supposed to invalidate the knowledge of good and evil (Bonhoeffer, 21). This is because the knowledge of good and evil is the aim of ethical reflections. Bonhoeffer quoted this because he strongly believed that the tasks concerned with Christian ethics were not discerning the good and evil in the universal principles but the main goal of these Christian ethics being towards the restoration of the human desires to their original focus, God. The Christian ethics task did not show a good judgment between what was right and what was wrong and
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According to Bonhoeffer, the will of God can never be deviated nor can it come from the minds or hearts of mankind. God’s will is a command for action which normally comes to mankind from the one living God. In order for an individual to be able to prove God’s will, he must first of all be conformed to Christ’s nature. Bonhoeffer strongly believed that the main problem of evil was only understood in the fall of mankind. The fall of humanity caused the disunion between man and God with the main resultant being mankind lacking the capability of judging between right and wrong. Bonhoeffer further asserted that it was due to the desire of man for philosophical certainty and Christians should be more concerned with living in God’s will rather than finding the rules to follow (Bonhoeffer, 38). Churches often have the teachings that God is always patient with mankind because He allows man to live in and inhabit the fallen world and He also sustains him. God puts in very strong measures and firm orders on human life in an attempt to preserve man from his unbridled selfishness and also stop man from destroying himself. These orders commanded by God are just commandments that God puts on mankind in order to help mankind to be able to live for the future creation sake.
Bonhoeffer presented a theological description and explanation on the book of

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