Bonfenbrenner's Ecological Model Socialization Report

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Soe Rar
CRN 30851
Spring 2016
Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model Socialization Report The environmental influences must be considered in order to understand the behavioral of a child. Urie Bronfenbrenner was a famous Russian American psychologist who formulated the Ecological Model Systems in 1979. He believed that as a child grow and mature, the way he/she interact with the environment become more complex. The Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model Systems defines how external environments and individuals affect the development of a child. It is made up of four systems that greatly influence the development of a child. The four systems are microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem. My parents divorced when I was 3 years old and
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Exosystem can be thought of as a broader community, including the people, services, and the environment. For example, extended family, family networks, mass media, workplace neighborhoods, family friends, community health system legal services and social welfare services. My exosystem includes my mom’s job, relatives, community, mass media, and technology. Although I may never have any role in my mom’s workplace, or, in fact, never even go there, this affected me somehow when I was young. Our community I used to live in was a small town, which located in Myanmar. The economy was not good because they didn’t have enough jobs for people. The people attitudes where I used to lived gossip on my parents because they got separated. When I was 14, my mom left and went to Thailand to work because of bad economy and the attitudes of the people in our small town. Also, my dad left Myanmar and went to Singapore. I only see my mom once or twice a year and my dad never come back. This situation impacts me to be worried, scared, and depressed. As the result, my parents had less information about my activities and I only depend on my relatives who can be good or bad. My relatives, including my grandmother and my aunt took good care of me and always there for me when my parents were gone. They were my support and …show more content…
It is the outer layer that contains the attitude and ideologist, values, laws, and customs of particular culture and subculture. Macrosystem is influences by the culture and society in which a person lives. The belief system and ideology of an individual’s culture influence the person directly; however, the individual does not necessarily have as much as freedom in determining his or her surroundings. For example, the influence could include political or religious norms of culture. Asian culture is a big part of my macrosystem. My Asian family culture always pays respect for elders. The children are expected to be family oriented and encouraged to work hard for the family. In my family style for raising a child is, the parents will support and give what the child need during school ages or until he/she graduates and get a job. In our culture, we still live with our parents even though we are over 18 years old or sometimes even if person gets married. For example is myself, I am 25 years old and I still live with my mom. It’s not because I don’t work or have money to live by myself but it’s it part of our culture. When our parents get old, that’s the time where we can pay back to and take care of them. When my mom gets old and unable to work anymore, I’ll take care of her the way she takes good care of me. In our country, young people and children are expected to listen and obey their parents. Freedom of expression is not

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