Bone Metastasis Essay

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Abnormal growth associated with neoplastic conditions, disorders caused by anomalous metabolic processes contagions and malignancies result in metastasis in the skeletal tissue. The most frequent organ affected by metastases besides lung and liver is bone. Most of of these metastases are caused by breast or prostate carcinoma. Majority of patients with metastatic conditions develop bone metastases that further leads to a pronounced morbidity and mortality as a result of skeletal-related events (SREs) which generally include hypercalcemia due to malignancy, pathological fractures etc and thus involves the requirement for a surgical intervention or radiation treatment in bone . Reports are published for early occurrence of Bone metastases …show more content…
At present a variety of [99mTc] based tracers are being used for skeletal metastasis diagnosis. Radiolabeled phosphonates are of an utmost interest in nuclear medicine for metastasis evaluation as well as for therapeutic application as many prevalent tumors are associated with metastasis. Bone targeting radiopharmaceuticals labeled with β emitters, administered systemically represents an acceptable adjuvant to external beam therapy for bone pain palliationin condition of osteoblastic bone metastasis. It has been reported that bone pain from metastatic conditions occurs very oftenly in patients with malignancies in organs such as prostate, breast and lung. Various pathophysiological interactions between host and tumor cells which leads to osteoclastic and osteoblastic lesions results into metastasis. The whole pathophysiological process of bone metastasis is mediated by various factors such as parathyroid hormone (PTH), cytokines and various tumor derived factors. Bone metastases in its initial stage are often clinically undiagnosable; however in later stages can lead to serious outcomes, such as distress, sudden injury in bon and hypocalcaemia. Bone pain caused by metastasis is often considered as a particular type of

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