Essay on Bomb : The Race And Steal The World 's Most Dangerous Weapon

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The book Bomb: The Race to Build–and Steal–the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon is a thrilling, fast-paced story that refines a great deal of history into interesting and understandable literature for practically any age reader. The author, Steve Sheinkin, writes to tell the story of the first atomic bomb, the people who made it possible, and those who challenged its progress. Any person who is interested in science and history, or who likes “a quick read” can easily understand the creation of the atomic bomb by reading this book. Along with the science and mathematics of the atomic bomb, Sheinkin adds suspense and intrigue from the viewpoints of espionage agents from the Soviet Union, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States. Bomb is a book that contains abundant historical information but also a style of writing which keeps the reader entranced to the very end. By reading Bomb, I am more knowledgeable about the race between opposing countries to bring about the atomic bomb in the 1940s and 1950s. This race included scientific studies, calculations, research, secret agents working covertly, citizens committing treason, and undercover government programs. I learned much more detail through this book than I have ever learned in a class about the atomic bomb and the government activities that occurred to make it possible. That is what Steve Sheinkin hoped for, to give readers a sense of what truly happened in the atom bomb race and the importance of its creation for…

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