Essay about Bolsheviks And The Bolshevik Party

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On October 1917, the Bolshevik party seized control over the Winter Palace in Petrograd without firing a single shot. They had been in search of this opportunity for several years. As the opportunity arose, the Bolshevik party arose with the power of giving in to the needs of the people by taking advantage of the provisional government. The Bolsheviks ability to take advantage of the provisional government enable them to take control over Russia. Although, the Bolshevik party was able to take advantage of the provisional government, they also faced immense problems while trying to hold over the ex-tsarist empire. Therefore, they disbanded the army and sided with the majority of the peasants through promises of land, food, equality and peace.
The Bolsheviks first journey began in 1903, as one of the main minorities of the Social Democratic Labour Party. As all anti-tsarist groups the Bolshevik party was illegal. It helped precipitate war between the supporters of soviet power and those who opposed either the February or October revolution. This party was based upon the beliefs of Karl Marx, a german writer and revolutionary, who believed that a revolution could only be started within the workforce of the major cities. Lenin agreed and believed with these morals that Karl portrayed and used them as a guide towards his goal of revolution. However, the Bolshevik party continued its protest against the Russian government as well as the political, social and economic discontent.…

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