Bollywood Cinem Temples Of Desire Essay

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Intro: Any particular cinema gives insight to a societies’ culture and values. According to Vijay Mishra who wrote the essay on Bollywood Cinema: Temples of Desire “in which different kinds of desire—particularly patriotic desires—are evoked through the melodramatic, realistic or fantastic conventions of pleasure” (2002) I will analyze two Bollywood movies by tackling the issue of inequality. They are Lagaan which depicts the discrimination between the British rulers and the Indian people and Bombay has conflict between two different religions of Muslim and Hindu.

Firstly, Lagaan presents a heartwarming story of a struggling indian society who come together to fight for their survival. The first issue is the discrimination between the British rulers and the Indian people. The British officials treated the Indians like slaves and did not have a care in the world about what the Indians were feeling. An example of this is with a scene where Akhilendra Mishra was cleaning one of the British man’s shoe. Somehow the british did not respect him and beated him as if he was not worth anything. In addition, the situation of the Indians was evidently unfair yet the british stil demanded an impossible amount of laggaan. It led to the agreement of Bhuvan to have the cricket match in order to stop paying the amount and save his village from starvation.
Secondly, on a personal meeting between both the British leader and indian chief, Captain Russel commanded the Indian chief “Rajah Puran…

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