Essay about Boing Australia

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Executive Summary
With the development of information technologies and procurement, Boing Australia Limited (BAL) is given the opportunity to explore the opportunities of procurement. The credit card purchasing system has bought in a considerable cost saving for generic low cost high volume purchases, an e-procurement system will further make the contracting and bidding process more competitive for these items.
The e-buy system which is currently being used by the Parent company Boing, as the majority of the transactions are day to day buys, and it is very important to have this new process targeting this segment.
Making the day to day purchasing process simpler and more efficient will leave more room for the company to improve on
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Looking at the options of e-procurement we will be able to reduce the costs on procurement through process improvement, system upgrades, spend analysis and efficiency in purchasing, whilst enjoying the benefits of group purchasing for BAL and Boing USA.
As it’s stated in one of the pre stated vision statements, by the executive board, it is mandatory for us to make sure that the primary customer Australian Defense force is continuously delivered with the updated information system solutions.
The main issue prevailing is how to implement a new procurement and information systems, at an affordable cost
The cross functional team, MMPC (Material Management process council), analyzes the total purchases for BAL, and the supply chain process at different sites, and adopted a holistic approach into purchasing. But it does not cover the purchasing of Boing USA.

Process Elements
The company has implemented Credit Card purchasing to reduce the cost through process improvement. Materials purchased through the credit card system amounts to 80% of the total

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