Essay on Bohemian Rhapsody By Guns N Roses

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Rhapsody Final The original song I had wanted to write about was Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses. After further analyses of this piece of music, I realized it would not have enough contrast for me to write multiple pages. After much thought and consideration, the new piece I chose to write about is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody has plenty of dramatic contrasts, frequent shifts in tempo, and changes in rhythmic character from section to section. The piece was written by Freddie Mercury in 1975 for the bands album: A Night at the Opera. I believe everyone should listen to Bohemian Rhapsody at least once in their lifetime. The song has more variations and contrast than most songs we listen to today. Even though this piece has many frequent changes, the lyrics are still extremely catchy. Not only are the lyrics catchy, but they also have a deeper meaning if you really analyze them. The piece is about six minutes long and consists of many intros, a balled segment, an opera segment, a hard rock segment, a progressive rock part, and a reflective coda. The piece was released in 1975 and became so popular that it sold a million copies by the end of January 1976. It was even at the top of the UK charts for 9 weeks. When it was re-released in 1991 it reached number one again for five weeks and eventually became UK’s 3rd best-selling single of all time. In 1992, Bohemian Rhapsody had reached number two in the US charts because of its appearance in the movie Wayne’s…

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