Boeing 787 Dreamliner- Product Development Analysis Essay

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Assignment summary:
This assignment investigated the product development process in Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I will go through The product development process adopted for the product, Reasons/features that created excitement in the first place, Major problems encountered that caused the delay in launching the product, Problems faced in operation that led to the grounding of all aircrafts of this model, Problems faced in operation that led to the grounding of all aircrafts of this model and How would I handle the development of this product. On the surface, it seems that the supplier management organization at Boeing didn’t have diddly-squat in terms of engineering capability when they sourced all that work, which caused the whole event. But
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Their primary focus wasn’t on solution optimization any more. So each time one of suppliers unanticipated problems or interdependencies arises, cross-boundaries corporation had to be made on the necessary changes, which could dramatically impact the P&L of a supplier. With the 787, rather than asking the suppliers to provide a defined puzzle piece, they asked suppliers to create their own blueprints for parts. The puzzle hadn't been properly solved when Boeing asked suppliers for the pieces. As the components came back from far-flung suppliers, those parts didn't all fit together. And with its offshoring to other countries, the cultural and language differences and the physical distances involved in a lengthy supply chain create additional risks. Mitigating them requires substantial and continuing communications with the suppliers and on-site involvement, thereby generating time delay. Boeing didn’t plan for such communications or involvement, and so incurred additional risk that materialized. Time and lack of trust between subcontractor vs. subcontractor and Boeing vs. subcontractor blew out accordingly. So the whole thing snowballs.

4. Problems faced in operation that led to the grounding of all aircrafts of this model.

Problems faced in operation including that the 787 battery contract was signed in 2005,when LiCo batteries were the only type of lithium aerospace battery available, but since then newer and

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