The Negative Effects Of Stress On Women

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Do you feel self-conscious while logged on to your social media, or flipping through the pages of a high end magazine? The problems with social media and fashion today include: negative outlooks purposely bringing others down, body shaming, and outrageous beauty standards. There is a lot of stress on women today about wanting their bodies to be thin, tan, but also toned. Women think about the negatives of their bodies and do not focus on the positives because of pressure from social media. Women feel many insecure things about their body. A lot of women get insecure about how big they are because of stretch marks. Stretch marks just show that you are growing and your skin can not keep up. This is not a sign you are fat or anything lesser of …show more content…
They do not get their body the nutrients that it needs to have enough energy to get through their day. Many women also feel ashamed of natural bodily functions. Body shaming insists if a body is right or wrong, it can also draw a line between worthy and unworthy. It labels, making many think that they need the ideal body. When in reality there is no ideal body, because everything is personal preference. Women are not always being body shamed by other people but body shamed from themselves. There are studies showing that body shaming can actually lead to weight gain. When you starve yourself this can lead to your bodies metabolism changing, and can actually make you gain weight instead of losing it. It slows down your metabolism. Studies also show that women who make negative comments about their figures are less likeable than the ones who embrace their figures. Studies show that if people have more inner and outer confidence they have about their body the more likeable they will become.Having inner confidence can actually make you healthier as well. It doesn’t cause stress of negative feelings that hurt your psyche. You also will not feel the need to starve your body of the nutrients and energy you need to get throughout your daily routine. The body shame …show more content…
There is no doubt of there being a standard of beauty. Women want the ideal face shape, hair, eyes, and even eyebrows. To many this is the ideal beauty standard. There have been so many changes in makeup and style throughout the years. Once women have started to see any imperfections on their face they start to get less confident. “Hope in a jar” does not exist in the ideal world and women seem to believe there is. There are many things women are being called or are thinking about their beauty. Being told their skin is not flawless enough, or a horrible complexion. Many who are telling women this do not understand how much it affects them. Some are called not beautiful because of the color of their skin or where they are from. Some others are brought down because of the imperfections that they have on their skin such as rosacea or acne. The media also takes a tull on women for their beauty. In many magazines it is often blurred between advice and advertisement. Beautifying products have swept the nation and causes women to buy and buy more products which is exactly what the sellers want. Women feel they are not pretty enough which makes them feel that they need to use makeup. Our society makes beauty based on eye size, nose size, and lip fullness. Although not everything about cosmetics is negative. Many love doing makeup and love the way it looks. There is a lot of shade thrown at women who do to choose to wear a lot

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