Essay about Body Of Work By Rita Pyrillis

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In “Body of Work” by Rita Pyrillis, she interviews and tells stories of people that have tattoos and are in the professional workforce. She discusses if having these effects getting or keeping a job. Many people believe that tattoos and piercings are a negative thing. Rita doesn’t give her personal opinion if tattoos should be accepted or not but she shows how they are seen in the professional world. It is just facts and answers from interviews. She explores how people deal with tattoos in the work place, how companies feel about tattoos and piercings, and the popularity of tattoos and piercings in the work force. Rita starts with Joe Chernov’s story which he talks about how he deals with his tattoos in job. He talks about how he covers up his tattoo sleeves on his arms with long sleeved shirts to look professionally. He worries about what he will wear to cover them up but wonders if he’d be in a different position if he wasn’t tattooed. Rita also interviews Maria Hicks who has many visible tattoos and piercings. Maria, also worried about not being accepted because of her tattoos and piercings covered them up for her first interview, but later showed them in her second interview because she felt like she wasn’t showing the real her. By interviewing people Rita shows real life examples of people who are going dealing with this in their everyday lives. In this first point she also states percentages of how many people in the workforce have tattoos by their ages. Rita’s fact…

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