Body Image And Its Effects On Society Essay

2143 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
Body image is a way that we define ourselves by appearance such as height and weight. There have been many charts related to body preferences that emphasize the suggested healthy size an individual should be. The ideal image expectancy has been criticized against men and women by many people throughout the years. Due to this fact, it has caused numerous disorders upon the population such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, mood disorders and depression. Likewise, the media plays a substantial role in pressuring or victimizing readers to obtain such a weight that is undoubtedly impossible for some to accomplish without going to extremes. A variety of stores lack clothing for plus side individuals, making it harder to them to find name brand or elaborate clothes. Creating this tall, fit, and thin ideal body image caused much controversy over the years but it is also suggesting a healthier lifestyle.
This paper discusses body image with the effects of body dissatisfaction and similar subjects related to. The psychological effects of body image and media, peer pressure, and social influences are very overwhelming to many people. The concepts include the topics concerning how depression, eating disorders, suicide, and substance abuse are related to obtaining the suggested or preferred body image for today’s standards. Of course effects of body image can be more commonly seen as negative, there are also positives such as supporting healthy bodies and increasing diet and exercise among…

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