Body Image And Eating Disorders Essay

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Formal Conversation

Conversing with another about your eating habits can be a very difficult task to tackle and is harder for some than it is for others. Although the topics of body image and eating disorders are delicate, it’s important to discuss them and bring them to light because several women struggle with that aspect in their lives and may not be fully aware of it. I was able to speak openly with another female Elon University undergraduate about her personal relationship with food and her thoughts on her body image. Throughout the in-depth conversation, several aspects of eating and body image stood out, including cultural factors such as how she grew up and what her parent’s relationship with food was like and how that has shaped her pathway and relationship with food, how the media influenced her perception of her body, and why she has struggled with the dieting cycle. Parents play an enormous role in the type of relationship their children have with food. For instance, if you were to watch your mother struggle with her body image and to fail to stick with several diets you are more likely to question your eating habits and body image. When I asked the female that I interviewed what her relationship with food was like, she stated that it was “good.” To get her to open up a little more I asked, “do you ever feel guilty about eating food?” She then responded that she does feel guilty about eating her food when she is eating around girls who are skinnier than…

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