Essay on Body Growth And Brain Development

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The first name of the interviewee is Yumi and she is 26 years old. Sakura is a 4 months old girl and Yumi is her mother. During this infancy period, it would usually last until the age of two and that’s when the baby the initial learning occurs. The parents’ behavior and the environment would have a huge impact on how the baby will be learning. Additionally, the baby would master various of basic skills such as crying and nursing. The reason why I selected this period of development is that it would be more interesting to learn about how a newborn baby would be able to learn new things without any previous experiences or knowledge. Also, I am curious about how fast for an infant to learn new things in comparison to adults. In this essay, the areas I will be covering are body growth and brain development for physical development, memory and language for cognitive development, and temperament and attachment for social-emotional development. According to Berk (2013), “One reason for the vast changes in what children can do over the first two years is that their bodies change enormously – faster than at any other time after birth.” (p. 120). Amid the earliest stages and toddlerhood stage of a child, regularly there will be dramatic changes in the child 's physical development. A child 's physical development first begins when the baby begins figuring out how to master self-movement, for example, moving their hands and holding objects. In Yumi’s response, she believes that the…

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