Body Fat Essay

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I found the information for my project from reliable sources on the internet and from my high school chemistry teacher. This project is the results of months of research and a basic understanding of the science of body fat.

I am only a high school student and not a professional nor an expert on this subject, but I strongly believe that I presented accurate facts about how fat occurs during weight gain and loss and the different types of fats that exist.

There are a lot of misconceptions about fat. For instance, we frequently hear about how it is bad for your health, how losing more calories than you consume will guarantee your weight loss or how fat turns into energy. These statements are not completely false, but the facts aren’t as simple
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As you can see in Document 5, the monounsaturated fat holds only one double bond, meanwhile, in the structure of the polyunsaturated fat, you can see two double bonds. Polyunsaturated fat can also have more than two double bonds.

Unsaturated fat has been proven to strengthen the heart and prevent it from diseases.

A very long time ago, our ancestors had to find their own food. It wasn’t as simple as ordering by phone Chinese food or going to stop by the grocery store and the amount of glucose in our foods is much higher than in what our ancestor ate. We constantly need energy in order to survive. That is where fat comes to save the world.

The glucose of the food you consumed moves in the bloodstream and goes into the important cells of your body, such as the muscle cells, the heart cells and the brain cells to help it function or to repair itself. In the bloodstream, there is an important hormone created from the pancreas that acts as a gate for those cells, deciding how much glucose could enter into the cells. We call it insulin. Then, the excess goes to the fat cells, which acts as a deposit in case the important cells need some
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It’s all about your eating habits and your activity level. A person that eats healthy foods in moderation and that has a very active lifestyle will have a great metabolism and a hard time gaining weight. But, a person that eats too much and lives a sedentary life will become metabolically deranged. This is why it is really difficult for fat people to lose weight and change their food habits.

Most of the food we eat contains so much glucose in our body can handle that our insulin level increases in order to control them. But, the constant increased level of insulin causes a defect in the body’s metabolism later on. The important cells become resistant to insulin, which will cause the glucose to head over the fat cells, making your fat cells bigger and causing you to gain weight.

Let’s get this straight. The body isn’t like a car. Food is fuel to us, but we do not lose it like a car loses its fuel. By counting how much calories go in and by burning all those calories out doesn’t help you lose weight, it actually causes stronger hunger signals and will make you eat more than you would normally do, because your body is using more energy than it normally does. The body isn’t a simple thing to understand and so is

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