Essay on Body Cameras Should Increase Public Safety

1127 Words Jul 29th, 2016 5 Pages
Body worn cameras will increase public safety in many ways. One way that stands out is the fact that each officer will be aware they are wearing these cameras, therefore making them less likely to commit acts of police violence. They know each action they make is being constantly recorded and will be looked at and scrutinized if there is a claim of excessive police force. There have been multiple studies done by different universities in different parts of America showing the use of body cameras on police officers has significantly fewer complaints and less violence. One specifically being Wesley G. Jenning 's experiment “Evaluating the Impact of Police Officer Body-Worn Cameras (BWCs): The Orlando Police Department (OPD) Experience,” where 46 officers were randomly subjected to wear cameras and 43 were not, the outcome was stated as followed: “Post-[body worn camera] implementation, significantly fewer BWC officers were involved in [response to resistance] incidents and had less external complaints overall and fewer were subjects of external complaints relative to officers not wearing a BWC. […] Officers were largely in agreement that BWCs would help resolve citizen complaints.” (2) This particular study shows that cops wearing the body worn cameras will significantly increase public and police safety because knowing they are being recorded makes them less likely to use excessive force knowing their moves are being recorded. Using these body cameras will be a positive…

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