Body Cameras Could Help Or Hurt Police Officer Essay

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Body Cameras Could Help or Hurt Police Officer’s
Body worn cameras are a part of technological advancement that will seek to redress some of the issues taking place within the country, and which could improve or make matters worse for the police force. Many proponents of these cameras have made a plea to have police officers use them as a way of making them accountable. Several of those accused of certain wrong doings during the collection of evidence have also been saved by using the footage collected via these cameras as they make their case in front of juries. However, some critics fear that the police could edit these footages and make it difficult to provide justice. Truly, the policies adapted today in the police force could seek to unravel more or hide information from the public. The problem is that this institution has to be overly represented and noted to ensure it meets the requirements of the people they serve. Which, in return body worn cameras will reduce incidences of misbehavior amongst officers and provide them with further use of their facilities to enhance service delivery.
In the past history of police works, police officers were only able to carry out actions based on their instincts, hunches, confessions, and evidences which to them appeared obvious. However, this is never the case currently as the rise in technology has led to very drastic changes in the police force. Technology today is an evolving constant within the society and on the daily lives…

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