Essay on Body Art At Different Cultures

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Warren Surrett
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April 24th 2015
Body Art in Different Cultures
Body art (body modification) is used differently all around the world to represent aspects of cultures. Arts being practiced, range from a variety of modifications to the body. Some of the most common type of body art are piercing, tattoos, and scarification. These methods are often used as a rites of passage, aesthetic reasons, religious reasons, and to show self-expression. The three different cultures being talked about are the, Tikopia, Marquesas, and Tsonga. All three cultures use body art through the process of tattooing. These different cultures do not do this art for the same reasoning which is one way to distinguish the different cultures.
Cultural Practice
Tikopia: The first Culture group being analyzed is the Tikopia. Body art in this community is most often displayed through tattooing. “The Tikopia word for tattoo marks in general is tau, and the operation of tattooing is known as ta tau, ta being the generic term for the act of striking” (Firth 3). This group of people is a subgroup of the Polynesian. Tikopia are not like other Polynesian groups because they do not concentrate on specific parts of their bodies for tattooing besides the chest of men and jaw of women. The only place they do not receive tattooing is in genital areas of both male and female. They often get these works of art from experts of the practice that have learned from their family for many different…

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