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Applied Business Management Question and Answer Sessions W2016

The Question and Answer sessions will consist of the teacher asking questions about your Year 11-13 Company performance. Each team session will be 20-25 minutes in length and each team member will be asked questions regarding their Function(s) and/or Region(s). The questions will come from the following topics: * Year 11-13 Performance - Strategy & Priorities * Year 13 Actual versus Plan/Projected (major variances) * Year 13 Actual versus Industry Average (major variances) * Long-term Strategy Implications/Considerations - Overall Company, Marketing, Production, Finance, Private Label & Distribution, HR & CSR and Regions * Also need to
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* How can you compensate when your main competitor has higher celebrity appeal than your company? * How much does the number of models offered affect internet market share? * What are the reasons for picking the two celebrities that you have? * What are the factors that determine your company’s Image ranking and what are your plans to improve it in the future years?
* What is the reason for your higher/lower than average material costs in your North-American plant? * Your labor cost decreased significantly in your Asia-Pacific plant from Year 13 – how did you do it. * What are the reasons for picking the two plant upgrades in your Latin-American plant and how does it fit with your overall strategy? * What are the major factors used to create your SQ in your Europe-Africa plant? * How did you improve your productivity in all of your plants * Your Latin-America plant produces the highest number of models and your reject rate for this plant is below average – what is the reason? * What is your long-term manufacturing strategy and how will you implement it?

Private Label * I noticed you have the highest market share in the Private Label market and the lowest direct margin %, what is you PL strategy and how low are you willing to go in price/margin to maintain or grow your market share? * Why are

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