Bobby Mcferrin's Pentatonic Scale

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In the first video, Bobby McFerrin demonstrated how the audience was able to perform the pentatonic scale in unison. A pentatonic scale is a scale that uses five notes from the major scale and recreates it. At the end of the video, Bobby McFerrin said that no matter where he goes every person is able to do the pentatonic scale. Bobby McFerrin has the audience do the pentatonic scale by first singing the pitch that the audience needed to replicate and continue that pattern until he only hit the notes that the audience already sang before. The pentatonic scale can be shown in the video as being accessible because the audience may or may not have musical skills or training prior to relaying the pentatonic scale back to Bobby McFerrin. The significance of the pentatonic scale is that it is easily recognizable to any person. People are able to reproduce it without having a lot of musical training. As a new vocalist, the pentatonic scale is something that I can replicate with practice. There is not a specific gender or nationality that is required to be able to reproduce the pentatonic …show more content…
In the video Bobby McFerrin used the pentatonic scale as the foundation for his freestyling, he went low and high pitches while singing. He used beating on his chest as the beat and to keep tempo. The way Bobby McFerrin was using beating his hand against his chest as a beat can make the song have a jazzy feel to it. I enjoyed listening to Bobby McFerrin sing, I thought it had a nice overall tone to it. It was catchy and make me want to dance. Another person might not take it the way I did, one might think it was boring or slow. A person’s socioeconomic status might not change the way they perceive the a cappella, but the person’s age could. Someone who is younger might not appreciate it as much due to the fact that they do not understand the complexity of it

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