Essay on Bob Marley : A Soulful Man

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Born in Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica, Bob Marley was a soulful man. Growing up in Jamaica, Bob Marley embraced the culture around him. Taking up the Rastafarian faith, Marley took a positive outlook on life. Wearing his dreads with pride, Bob Marley created music that spoke to not only the people of Jamaica, but the people of the world.
One of Bob Marley’s more well-known songs is “No women, no cry.” This song gives a glimpse of Marley’s personal and political views. Marley spends a little bit of the song outlining what it is like living in Trenchtown. Bob Marley mentions the hypocrisy within the Jamaican government. Also, Bob Marley makes references to those that didn’t make it out of Trenchtown. The main focus and source of repetition for this song is the title line “no woman, no cry”, this is the equivalent of saying woman, do not cry. Marley is comforting his girlfriend or some other girl telling her to forget about the past and not to cry. He goes on to tell her the “everything’s gonna be alright.”
Another well-known Bob Marley songs is “Crazy Baldheads.” The first and most important thing to know about this song is the baldheads is a reference to those without dreadlocks or works for the corrupt government/system. “Crazy Baldheads” is Bob Marley’s way of sharing his disgust with the government. Marley starts the song saying he wants to “chase those crazy baldheads out of town.” Marley does not like the non-rasta people that make up the government. He claims that…

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