Boat Insurance Case Study Essay examples

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Question 4 (Two Points)

Prepare a first draft BPMN diagram that shows the Boat Sales Insurance Process. Be clear about how the customer interacts with the Insurance Company.

Reading 5

In working up the BPMN flow diagram, you will notice that there are several occasions where the Registration Clerk has to update policies. As this occurs often, it’s important to get it right, so the BPM team decides to define this specific process in more detail. To do this, they interview the supervisor of registration clerks and several actual clerks. They also watch the registration clerks perform updates. Here are the notes they came up with.

Customers often provide information about updates – usually hand written on statements that are
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When the clerk is satisfied that the change is correct, he or she selects UPDATE and the change is made. The system automatically documents when changes are made and who makes them, and saves old data in case a change needs to be reversed. The clerk then files the request document that generated the change and moves on to his or her next task.

Question 5 (Two Points)

Prepare a BPMN diagram to document the Policy Information Updated process. Draft business rules to document decisions that must be made. To do this, create a new swimlane for the IT Dept/Boat Insurance Application.

Question 5-A (Two Points): The interaction between the clerk and the insurance application clearly involves computer screens. Describe how a use case might be developed to specify how the screens could be improved.

Question 5-B (Two Points): Assume that the clerks were not doing a good job entering updates when they arrived. Describe how you might analyze the human performance situation to identify problems the clerks might be having. Create a fishbone diagram to illustrate the things you might consider.

Reading 6: Redesigning the Boat Insurance Process

Given what they had learned during the analysis phase, the process redesign team decided to make some specific changes in the boat insurance process. They changed the date for when government reports were prepared, to allow more time, and made it a managerial responsibility to assure that reports were

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