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Board Report
Company Name: * W Associates
Executive Team Members: * CFO: * CEO: * COO:
Quick Highlight of current key results that make us look the best Contribution margin of YJW | Average contribution margin in the market | 50.6% | 43.72% |

Our contribution margin, high potential sale figures in the traditional market, and rising stock price prove that we are one of the most successful companies in the industry. We have made great strides in increasing our contribution margin to 50.6%, ranking second in the market. This was a result of investments geared towards automation and employee training, which in the long run, lowered production and labor costs. As our business grows in scale, our variable costs
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The firm had a profit margin of 28.3% which represented a net of $4,188,507. Although YJW Associates was doing fairly well as far as their market share and profits were concerned, our management team was confident that we could bring the company to a new level.

Initial strategy
We initially implemented a Broad Differentiator strategy geared towards maintaining a strong presence in each segment of the market. Our three main objectives were to align the products with each segment’s specific customer needs, create high awareness for our products in the marketplace, and see to it that our products were easily accessible to customers. We also created a product that fulfilled a niche market between the high-end and traditional segments.
In order to meet the needs of customers in each segment, we formulated assumptions based on customer buying criteria during the research and development phase. For the traditional segment, we placed our primary focus on maintaining the product age at 2.0 and keeping our price within the desired price range. When producing products for the low-end segment, we kept the price within the range of our competitors while maintaining an age around 7.0. For the high-end segment, ideal position and age were the primary focus during product development. When customizing our product for the performance segment, we concentrated on maintaining a high level of reliability and a competitive ideal position status. Our

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